Nordic Microbes (formerly Bioomix) is a Danish biotech company dedicated to green transformation. Our vision is a future where farming is profitable and productive and good for our climate, environment, and health. We aim to achieve this by replacing pesticides and synthetic fertilisers with effective biological solutions.

Therefore, Nordic Microbes develops and sells a new generation of agricultural products that contain carefully selected, natural, and beneficial microorganisms. 

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“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Nordic Microbes. Our customers have responded very positively to SeedSpeed.

Many have reported a significant difference in their spring barley. The untreated areas appear yellow, while the adjacent strips treated with SeedSpeed are green and lush.

Nordic Microbes actively engages with all the farmers testing the product, which builds a high level of credibility among our customers, which is a crucial factor for us.”

Bjarke Bruun
Gl. Buurholt

“Last year, we planted 21 hectares of oat in strips, comparing plots seeded with SeedSpeed and without. Initially, I was skeptical, but after thorough analysis and attempts to downplay the product, the results were undeniable. Whether I looked at individual strips, or the entire area, I saw a noticeable difference.

We harvested at least 200 kg more oat per hectare and observed a slight increase in protein content. Impressed by these results, we’re scaling up this year, testing SeedSpeed on a 130-hectare field.”

Jacob Hjorth Høggaard
Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S

“We have a very good collaboration with Nordic Microbes, where we have used their biostimulant SeedSpeed for treating some of our seeds. The product has been used on spring barley, winter wheat, faba beans, peas, and maize.

In all crops, we have seen some promising results, both in terms of germination, increased root size, plant growth, and yield.

We see Nordic Microbes as a very serious player in the biostimulant sector, who takes a scientific approach and thoroughly follows up on customers’ results throughout the season. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and look forward to seeing SeedSpeed gain even greater traction in the Danish market”.

Torben Føns
Brødr. Ewers

How It Works

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