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We are seeking investors that want to support green transition.

We are continuously looking
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Nordic Microbes is a Danish company with global ambitions. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the fight for a better climate, environment,
and food production. We achieve this by developing, producing, and selling natural microbial products that can replace our harmful use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides without compromising food production or farmer profitability. 

The global market for agricultural microbial products is already worth 6 billion euros and it is growing at over 14% annually. But this is just the beginning, as the market for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is worth over 270 billion euros.
Our goal is to become a central and global player in the emerging market for green biosolutions in agriculture, and we are well on our way. Despite starting our company in the fall of 2021, we have already achieved several major milestones. 

We are different!

Here are five reasons why we make things happen – Fast!

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Innovative development and products
We can develop new microbial products faster, cheaper,
and better. 
Creating needed solutions
We focus on markets with a huge unmet need for new biosolutions. 
Ambitious about impact!
We are fast, risk-taking, market oriented and focused on making a big difference for farmers and our planet.
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Customer collaboration
Our products are launched early and further developed in close collaboration with customers. 
Maximising customer value
We are customer-focused, not just selling a product, but working with our customers to ensure we deliver maximum value. 

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We are continuously closing investment rounds to scale quickly. If you are an investor and want to support the global green transformation in agriculture, we would love to hear from you. 

Morten Østergaard Andersen


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