Other Crops  

SeedSpeed® is useful for a wide range of crops and can help them with phosphorous and potassium uptake.

Other Crops

SeedSpeed® has proven useful in increasing germination, emergence, and yield in a wide range of crops, both in the field and in greenhouses. Regardless of what you grow, it is worth exploring if SeedSpeed® can help your crop. 

Trial Data

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In 2023, we conducted row trials with SeedSpeed® on onions in our test field without fertilisation. Onions yields were 20% higher at harvest in rows treated with SeedSpeed® compared to untreated control onions.

We also tested SeedSpeed® on tomatoes under indoor conditions, both in soil and in mineral wool. In both cases, SeedSpeed® produced more well-developed and successful plants. Various customers have also tested SeedSpeed® on everything from spinach to cabbage, with good results.

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  • 115 g onion yield per plant at harvest – untreated (internal trial without fertiliser)
  • 129 g onion yield per plant at harvest – with SeedSpeed® (internal trial without fertilizer)