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SeedSpeed® is a cold-tolerant biostimulant used for seed treatment. The microorganism works by releasing phosphate and potassium locally around the seeds.

Our soil contains plenty of phosphate and potassium, but it is bound in soil minerals and unavailable to plants. Releasing these nutrients makes them available to plants, increasing their uptake and giving the plants a good start.

SeedSpeed® is produced in Denmark and contains a carefully selected Danish microorganism and natural nutrients. There are no GMOs or artificial chemicals in the product, making it suitable for organic plant production according to (EU) 2018/484. The product is registered as a biostimulant with the Danish Agricultural Agency under product number BS07.

We test SeedSpeed® in collaboration with various trial partners and test farmers. The product’s effectiveness varies depending on soil composition, weather, seed, crop, and farming practices, as is the case with living products, whether crops or microorganisms.

However, we have seen increased emergence, root growth, field cover and yield in many different crops in both scientific plot trials and strip and full-field trials with control groups at test farms. The product is compatible with most seed treatment machines and farming practices, although we do not recommend combining it with chemical seed treatments if possible.

SeedSpeed® is available on the Danish and Swedish markets, and treated seeds can be purchased from several agricultural cooperatives and farm supply companies. If you have your own seed treatment equipment or wish to use a mobile seed treater to treat your own harvest or already purchased seed, SeedSpeed® can also be purchased directly from Nordic Microbes. 


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