SeedSpeed® can help your rapeseed with phosphorous and potassium uptake.


Winter rapeseed benefits from fertilisation in the fall to improve establishment before winter.

SeedSpeed® contains bacteria that release phosphorus and potassium from the soil, making it easier for the plant to absorb these nutrients and grow faster. 

Trial Data

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In collaboration with VKST, we tested SeedSpeed® on winter rapeseed from 2022-2024. In the 2023 harvest year, we observed 49.5% higher germination with reduced fertilisation and 28.5% higher germination with full fertilisation.

At harvest, we observed a 4.4% higher yield under normal fertilisation conditions. In the 2024 harvest year, we observed 22.7% higher germination under reduced fertilisation.

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  • 3,39 t/ha rapeseed yield – untreated (VKST)
  • 3,54 t/ha rapeseed yield – with SeedSpeed® (VKST)