We incorporate sustainability into everything we do.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to replace harmful chemicals in agriculture with natural products based on microorganisms. This will maintain our local plant production, avoiding increased imports and deforestation while reducing emissions of fertilisers, pesticides, and greenhouse gases. 


By 2027, we aim to reduce the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides by 10,000 tons. 

Tons CO2

By 2027, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 tons CO2.  

Meanwhile, local plant production should be maintained or increased. 

is also crucial internally

At Nordic Microbes, we constantly work to minimise our own impact.

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Alternatives to plastic
We reduce the size of our plastic products and use reusable metal and glass equipment instead of single-use plastic where possible and more sustainable. 
Minimised energy consumption
  • We purchase energy-efficient equipment where possible
  • We set timers on our equipment to minimise energy use
Green chemistry
  • We use bio-based chemicals instead of petrochemicals where possible
  • We avoid hazardous and environmentally harmful substances when alternatives exist
  • We share knowledge and good solutions with our colleagues in the biotech industry to help each other achieve greater sustainability
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Minimised resource consumption
  • We collect rainwater for plant watering
  • We reuse packaging
  • We sort waste according to current recommendations to maximise recycling
  • We use plant and waste-based nutrients in our product cultivation
  • We minimise water content in our products to reduce our transport-related climate impact
Local suppliers

We support our local community by using local suppliers whenever possible, ensuring our goods travel shorter distances to reach us. 

Social sustainability
  • We ensure equal pay for men and women
  • We prioritise a good company culture
  • We support the local community